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Burst Pipe

Pipes are an integral part of the plumbing infrastructure that we have in our homes and commercial properties. During the winter seasons, there is a possibility that the pipes may freeze and burst and when this happens, it can be quite catastrophic. The water will keep flowing and may get into your property, causing extensive damage, leading to costly repairs. When you notice any signs of burst pipes, you should call us today and let us complete the restoration services. This is an effective way to prevent any structural damage to your property. Most people realize when it is too late that they have flood damage and to avoid this, you should inspect your pipes often.

You can use a number of signs to determine if the pipes are frozen, with the easiest option being the flow of the water from the faucets. If the water is running slowly and is extremely cold, this may indicate having frozen pipes. Unfortunately, as the water freezes in the pipes, it will cause them to expand and burst. This is detrimental as the water can flow to different parts of the property. With our professional water extraction services, we will be able to help the situation. Give us a call today and one of our experts will be happy to help you with the situation.

Burst Pipes Damage Restoration

When the pipes burst and cause water damage, you should call us right away and we will be in a position to restore your property. Our intention is to reduce the impact of the damage on your property. There are some things that you can also do when waiting for our technicians to arrive. You should shut off the main valve so as to prevent water flow into your property. It is also advisable to avoid using electrical equipment in areas that have been flooded. We have a reputation for responding and getting to the property in the shortest time possible. A

As soon as we get to the property, we will start with an inspection and assessment of the damage. This will help up determine the amount of work that is involved and the equipment needed for the work. We will take pictures and videos of the damage and start removing the water right away. Water removal is the most essential step in the restoration as it will prevent further damage. We have pumps and other water extraction equipment which make the work easier for us and we are able to finish the work in a couple of minutes. The remaining water will be vacuumed and the property will be dried completely. This allows us to get rid of the moisture from the home or business.

Water Restoration Services

Burst pipes are common in most commercial and residential properties. The damage caused can be mitigated by professional restoration experts. Contact us today and we will be glad to offer our water mitigation services. We can handle burst pipes and other water disasters. Get a free estimate today!

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