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Appliance Leaks

Anytime your water heater, air conditioner, dishwasher or washing machine is leaking, it can be quite frustrating. When this happens, you may end up with floods in your home. Appliance leaks have become one of the causes of flood damage. Whenever this happens, you should find an expert to fix the damage and restore your property. Even before repairing the appliances, it is advisable to have the water removed and your property dried. We are trained and qualified experts and we will be glad to provide appliance leak cleanup. Our experienced contractors will sort out the issue from the source and restore your property.

Water mitigation is a task that needs to be handled with care and a lot of professionalism. There are some appliances that are more susceptible to water leaks than others. Our trained specialists will inspect your appliances and ensure that they are working perfectly. Whenever you notice that your appliances are leaking, you should disconnect it from power and water supply and then call us right away. We have the experience and all the resources that are needed to handle this mishap, professionally. We are happy to provide free estimates for the cleanup and restoration.

Every Minute Counts

While a leak may appear to be insignificant, it can cause a water disaster and as such, you should move with speed to correct the issue. As such, it is recommended that you contact a professional expert to deal with the situation. With our experience, we will be able to move with speed and you will not have to worry about the cleaning and extensive damage. When an appliance is leaking, it will cause a lot of inconveniences and it can be quite messy. Our experts are highly trained and will know how to mitigate the damage in the shortest time possible.

Leaving water unattended for such a long time is not a good idea. Besides the structural damage to the property, there is a high possibility for mold growth. Mold is toxic and will affect your health when it spreads on your property. When the water is not removed right away, it will also damage the carpet, drywall, upholstered furniture, floors and ceilings among other essential parts of your home. We are the right restoration company and we will be happy to clean up and repair every part of the property that has been damaged. Even if a leak appears to be minimal, you should not ignore it; give us a call and we will prevent further damage.

Effective Disaster Restoration

Finding the right company for flood damage restoration is imperative as this will help contain the damage. We are experts and we have experience handling appliance leaks and we will remove the water and completely dry the property. We are pleased to have the best quality restoration services and we are available 24/7. Our customer service is exceptional. Give us a call today and we will be glad to provide fast and effective removal, cleanup and total restoration services. 

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